The Hunters Events team have been delivering world-class events to large corporate organisations across the U.K for over two years.

Our previous events portfolio has now been finely tuned to guarantee an exhilarating experience in all major cities across the UK.


Our aim at Hunters Events is to deliver industry-leading experiences to large corporate businesses, right the way through to friends looking for an unmissable adventure.

All of our committed team is from the highest professional backgrounds, which ensures your event will be ‘THE experience you won’t forget’.  What are you waiting for?


Peter Bleksley


Author, playwright, public speaker, former Scotland Yard Detective and ‘The Chief’ on Channel4’s Hunted and Celebrity Hunted, Peter Bleksley is delighted to be a part of The Hunter’s Events. He will be bringing his vast investigative experience, his leadership skills and sense of humour to this established and highly respected brand. He looks forward to meeting clients on these unique and exciting days.


Ben Owen is an expert in online and physical covert operations. Having spent his career working at the highest level he now acts as second in command on Channel 4’s hot show, Hunted. He also instructs on a multitude of investigative areas such as covert surveillance, online investigations and counter fraud. Ben also features in the U.S. version of Hunted.


Danni left school at the age of 18 and successfully passed The Metropolitan Police training course and ‘hit the beat’ as a uniformed officer.  After a very short spell as a uniformed Police Officer Danni was recognised by the Mets elite covert team who deal with some of the most dangerous cases in UK policing. Danni went on to serve over 10 years in the elite covert unit, fighting the war on drugs, guns and prostitution rings. Danni always found herself deployed in the very heart of the action across the UK and now uses her experience, skills and focus to ensure The Hunters Events packages are the best in the UK for corporate and individual experiences.


Jordan Wylie is a former soldier, best selling author and extreme adventurer and one of the new stars of Channel 4’s Hunted in 2018/19. Jordan spent 10 years in the British Military specialising in Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance (ISTAR) operations. Jordan completed operational tours of Northern Ireland & Iraq as an intelligence operator specialising in tactical questioning and interrogation. In addition, Jordan’s wealth of experience is complimented by a BA (Hons) and MA in Security & Risk Management.


Steve Hersee is an intelligence expert who has worked on a diverse range of challenges within the military, police and private sector. He has helped to combat threats to military operations around the world, varied threats to the London Olympics and a wide array of threats to private sector institutions including cyber-crime and fraud. Steve specialises in the analysis of disparate sources of information in order to generate actionable intelligence and he used this skill to great effect as part of the Hunter HQ team on Channel 4’s hit TV show, Hunted.


Former Met Police Officer with over 17 years experience. Trained surveillance officer specialising in field intelligence and covert operations. Highly trained in the field of suspect and witness interviewing. New Hunter in channel 4’s Hunted 2018.


Former Metropolitan Police Officer on the TSG, Diplomatic Protection Group, The Flying Squad as a Driver and The Specialist Firearms Team where he served on the Armed Response & Covert Firearms Teams on hundreds of Operations from Robberies to Terrorism related crime.


Former Police Officer with over 11 years experience including CID where she worked on serious crime and celebrity stalkers. She also worked within the surveillance unit as an undercover officer.


Hunted was a hit Channel 4 TV show that drew impressive viewing figures.  It’s aim was to illustrate the U.K. surveillance state and whether it is possible to truly ‘go off grid’.  Hunted was rated the number 1 reality show in 2015 by Digital Spy.

Hunters Events are not affiliated with the show or Channel 4.